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Simply put, rake is how the online poker rooms make money. Every time a pot reaches pre determined levels, the casino takes a portion of that pot for themselves. In a live casino, this is easy to see, as the dealer is the one who “rakes” the pot, taking a few chips for the casino before sliding the rest of the pot to the winner of that hand. Online poker rooms make their money in the same fashion. Each and every hand that generates a pot of around $5 or more (depending on the site) will be raked. The lower the limit you play, the more this rake will effect your bankroll.

Are These Rakeback Deals Approved By The Poker Rooms?

Play pokerYes. All of my plans are approved by the poker room. In fact, unless otherwise noted all of the payments are paid directly to you by the poker room.  These are the largest rakeback percentages anywhere on the internet.

How Much Rake Can You Generate Per Month?

Play pokerThis depends on what levels you play and how many hand you play per month. A typical low limit player will generate between 300 and 500 of rake per month playing 1 to 2 hours a day. If you multi-table you can double or even triple the amount of rake you pay. Wouldn’t you like to get as much as 35+%(+ – 12%) of that back?

Why Should I Sign Up Through Online Poker Resource

Play pokerWe value our players and want to earn your business through good service and prompt payments. We offer the largest rakeback allowed by the site. If you have a site in mind that is not listed here please let us know and we’ll do all we can to get this fixed.

Offer #1

Get 35+% of you rake back at Battlefield Poker (Prima Poker Site). All players are encouraged to contact me about a special rate AND I mean SPECIAL. Current Prima players are eligible.

All payments are issued by Battlefield Poker directly to your poker account. Simply click on the poker action button and transfer the rakeback amount to your account any time you wish.

Once you begin playing, your rake will update in the system every 1 1/2 hours. To check your rake, simply log into your poker client and click the poker action button.

Sign up for 35+% of your rake back at Battlefield Poker or download the software HERE.

Offer #2

Get a flat 25% of you rake back at Caribbean Sun Poker. The rake back program is approved by Caribbean Sun and Paid directly into your poker account. Caribbean Sun has a $40 monthly bonus that is paid after 500 raked hands. You also receive a 100% deposit bonus (up to $50) on your first deposit.

Sign up for 25% of your rake back at CaribbeanSunPoker

Offer #3

Get a flat 25% of you rake back at Celeb Poker. The rake back program is approved by CelebPoker and Paid directly into your poker account.

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